Maryland State Senate Candidate Brags About Brake Checking ‘Fascist’ Trucker Convoy

Washington, D.C. — A candidate running to become a Maryland state senator is not at all impressed by truckers convoying around the D.C. beltway.

In a series of social media posts over the weekend, 26-year-old Adam Cunningham (D) lashed out at the truckers and motorists participating in the ongoing convoys in the nation’s capital.


“Finna drive in front of the convoy and slow them down lmao wish me luck,” he Tweeted on Sunday while driving along I-270 as the convoy lapped the beltway.

The candidate seeking to represent District 39 in the Maryland State Senate was not finished there though.

In multiple other Tweets expressing his dissatisfaction with the protest, he used the hashtags #KeepDCFascistFree and #DCMeansDontCome.


He even took a swipe at a Montgomery County police officer who gestured support to convoy drivers.

“Just in case you needed even more confirmation of whose side the cops are on,” he wrote.

A quick review of Cunningham’s campaign platform reveals he is a supporter of the Defund the Police movement along with a litany of other left-wing policy initiatives.


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  1. The only answer to this communist Arizona and the communist from Maryland is to seize their seats and confiscate their personal vehicles and give them to the poor. Let them have their money taken away. Communists are fascists.


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