Mega Carrier Announces Plans to Team Humans With Driverless Trucks on Long-Haul Routes

Chattanooga, TN — Another mega carrier has announced its intention to soon begin teaming human drivers with self-driving trucks.

In a joint statement this week, Covenant Logistics Group, Inc. said it has entered into a collaboration with Aurora Innovation Inc. to “explore ways to optimize Covenant’s long-haul operations.”


“Covenant is excited to be collaborating with Aurora on autonomous technology to find ways to further improve efficiency within the supply chain for our drivers, customers, environment, and industry,” said Joey Hogan, President of Covenant. “We believe this technology has the potential to optimize operations and reduce fuel consumption while also helping our drivers, both in safety and quality of life.”

A “hybrid model” that blends trucks driven by humans with trucks driven autonomously would allow Covenant to “potentially expand its business with a combination of rapid, high-efficiency autonomous transport on long-haul routes and flexible human navigation at the endpoints,” the companies stated.


Further, the companies indicated the collaboration will initially focus on:

• Identifying the lanes where the Aurora Driver can make the biggest impact while improving driver quality of life.
• Optimizing fuel efficiency and maximizing the up-time of Covenant’s fleet with Aurora Horizon, built for 24/7/365 operation.
• Collaborating on how to effectively educate the transportation and logistics industry on the benefits of autonomous technology, especially on long-haul lanes.

Aurora is already partnered with industry leaders including Toyota, FedEx, Volvo Trucks, PACCAR, Uber, Uber Freight, U.S. Xpress, and Werner.


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