Mega Carrier Requests Relief From Certain Data Requirements of ELD Mandate

Washington D.C. – One of the nation’s largest trucking companies has filed a petition with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) asking for relief from certain data requirements of the electronic logging devices (ELD) mandate.

Werner Enterprises is seeking an exemption from the requirement that certain data fields be included in electronic records of duty status (RODS) files recorded by ELDs.


Specifically, Werner is requesting that, during the first eight days that each of its drivers transitions from its current ELD-provider, Omnitracs, to its new supplier, Platform Science, five specific data fields in the RODS files accessible through the in-cab ELD unit be left blank.

“Our specific ask is that in lieu of drivers carrying paper logs for the eight (8) days prior to starting logging on the new Platform Science ELD, that Werner can upload the prior eight (8) days of logs that we have maintained electronically through Omnitracs to Platform Science,” Werner’s application states. “While these eight (8) days may not meet the technical aspects of the ELD ruling, this information is true and accurate and achieves a level of safety greater than the use of paper logbooks.”


The five data fields identified by Werner are:

• Co-driver information;
• Odometer Elapsed—vehicle elapsed miles/kilometers in given ignition power on cycle;
• Engine Hours Elapsed—elapsed time of engine operation in the given ignition power on cycle;
• Engine Hours Total—total engine hours at time of event; and,
• Odometer Total (decimal)—total at time of the event.

Werner argues that it needs the exemption due to file compatibility issues between the ELD suppliers’ systems.

Additionally, Werner says that during the first seven days a driver is operating a Werner vehicle equipped with the new Platform Science ELD, the electronic RODS file accessible in the vehicle will not include the five data elements.


However, the company claims all other information needed to determine compliance with the hours of service (HOS) rules will be available.

Werner also notes that its drivers would have electronic RODS files available for review using FMCSA’s eRODS software.


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Further, Werner asserts that while the files would not include the five data elements identified in its application for exemption, HOS information can still be verified at any inspection location, and the information would be available for an on-site investigation conducted at a Werner facility.


Also, the mega carrier claims that it should be given additional consideration due to the size of its fleet.

“Due to the size of our fleet, this isn’t a flip the switch transition. Installation will be one-offs when trucks are at terminals or larger distribution centers where we have a team of installers,” the application states.

If granted, the exemption will cover 10,000 truck drivers and 8,000 power units.

To read Werner’s entire application, click HERE.


The FMCSA is seeking comment on the request.

Comments must be received on or before May 13, 2020.

To make a comment, click HERE.

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  1. Wow the golden company that started all this bs years ago needs an exemption. F### them. Wish they was out of business maybe another 87 million dollar lawsuit finish them off


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