Quarter Fender Breaks Off From Semi Then Strikes, Kills Motorist Along I-40

Knoxville, TN – Tennessee police say a metal skirt became dislodged from a tractor-trailer and struck a motorist killing him along Interstate 40 Sunday morning. It was actually a quarter fender, but still resulted in a deadly outcome.

The victim has been identified as 71-year-old Mark Elliott from St. Louis. According to police the accident happened Sunday morning at approximately 10:30. Elliott was traveling westbound when police say, a quarter fender either came off of an eastbound tractor-trailer and thrown into the westbound lanes or it was thrown into Elliott’s driver side window by another westbound motorist.

The quarter fender struck Elliott, who was driving, and he was declared deceased on the scene. The passenger in the car was able to successfully maneuver the vehicle to a nearby exit ramp where the car came to a stop safely. The passenger was not injured and has not been identified.

We have included the full Knoxville Police Department’s Facebook post below with the full description of the accident.



Video shared courtesy of wvlt.tv.



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