Mexican Authorities Make UNBELIEVABLE Big Rig Human Smuggling Bust

Veracruz, Mexico — Authorities in Mexico made a stunning big rig human smuggling bust over the weekend.

According to the the National Migration Institute (INM) of the Ministry of the Interior, Federal Immigration Agents (AFM) at a checkpoint on the Coatzacoalcos-Veracruz free highway — which is in the southern part of the country — detained a tractor-trailer at approximately 3:30 p.m. on Sunday, January 16.


When agents heard voices coming from the rear of the vehicle, they opened the trailer doors to find an unbelievable number of illegal migrants packed inside.

According to authorities, 359 people were discovered inside, with 294 originating from Guatemala, 38 from Nicaragua, 15 from El Salvador, eight from Honduras and four from Ecuador.


The truck driver was arrested and is expected to face prosecution.

The vehicle was also seized.

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