Mexican Trucker Busted for Human Smuggling Tells All

Laredo, TX – A Mexican trucker who was arrested earlier this month for human smuggling  is talking about what made him do it and how much he was being paid.

Daniel Alejandro De La Cruz-Resendez was driving a white tractor-trailer around 6:30 a.m. on August 3 when he arrived to the Interstate 35 checkpoint in Laredo.


According to court documents obtained by Transportation Nation Network (TNN), De La Cruz-Resendez had a notable shift in demeanor when he was told he was being referred to a secondary inspection.

When he asked why he would receive a second inspection, agents told him a K-9 had alerted to the presence of concealed humans or narcotics.

Court records reveal De La Cruz-Resendez drove approximately 40 feet from the primary inspection lane before he admitted to agents he was transporting undocumented subjects in the cab of his truck.

He was escorted to the secondary inspection area, where he was arrested.

Agents, along with a K-9, inspected the cab and discovered three people concealed underneath the bed in the sleeper from the countries of Mexico and Guatemala.


All subjects were placed under arrest and transported into the C-29 Border Patrol checkpoint for processing, court documents said.

Following his arrest, De La Cruz-Resendez was read his Miranda rights in Spanish, and stated he was willing to speak with Homeland Security Special Agents without an attorney present.

According to the criminal affadavit, De La Cruz-Resendez said he was a resident of Nuevo Laredo, Mexico and had been a trucker for seven years.

He claimed that two weeks prior to the incident, he was approached by unknown men at his home in Mexico and “recruited to transport” the individuals from Laredo to San Antonio for $2,000 USD.


He said the males threatened him, though the affidavit did not specify how he was threatened.

Court documents state De La Cruz-Resendez was instructed to park behind a Walmart in Laredo and wait for a man to drop off the individuals being smuggled.

One of the individuals found beneath the bed in De La Cruz-Resendez’s sleeper was Mexican national Jorge Antonio Rodriguez-Caamal.


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Rodriguez-Caamal revealed to agents that on or around July 31 he crossed the Rio Grande River into the United States near McAllen, TX, where he was “held” at a stash house until August 2.

On that date, he was transported to the Walmart where he entered De La Cruz-Resendez’s truck.


Rodriguez-Caamal claimed he made arrangements to pay $6,000 USD to be smuggled to Houston.

Meanwile, De La Cruz-Resendez admitted this was not the first time he has transported illegal aliens for the unknown males.

De La Cruz-Resendez said he had previously smuggled two individuals past the checkpoint and dropped them at mile marker 140 on I-35.

He claimed to receive $500 for that transaction.

De La Cruz-Resendez remained in federal custody as of publishing and was assigned a public defender to represent him.



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  1. So, the Mexican drivers are taking our freight, jobs and smuggling illegals in to mooch some more. If you can pay that much for illegal entry, why not just enter legally. Keep them all in Mexico. They can bring it to the border and us Americans will take it from there. It’s called drop and hook. SWIfT has lots of trailers we can use. There all in Arizona.


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