Michigan State Police Implore Angry Truckers ‘Don’t Call and Swear at Our Dispatchers’

Detroit, MI – Michigan authorities are imploring truckers angry over major delays at the U.S.-Canadian border to refrain from directing their fury at state officials.

The hours-long delays reported at the northern border — including Detroit’s Ambassador Bridge and Windsor and Detroit Tunnel, as well as Blue Water Bridge in Port Huron, MI — was precipitated by a strike of 9,000 Canadian Border Service Agency (CBSA) employees that began at midnight on Friday.


The men and women waiting in long-lines of stand-still traffic to cross into Canada are, understandably, not too happy.

However, in a Tweet on Friday, Michigan State Police (MSP) pushed back on some truckers who authorities said are verbally abusing dispatchers.

“Don’t call and swear at our dispatchers,” MSP instructed. “They have nothing to do with it.”

In addition, MSP reminded drivers to not stop in the travel lanes and wait.

While a border wait time system, run by the Canadian government, was listing wait times in excess of two hours at border crossings in Michigan as of early Friday evening, drivers and companies are reporting wait times of more than double that.

“We have trucks waiting between four and five hours currently,” John Elliott, CEO of Detroit-area based Load One Transportation, told Transportation Nation Network Friday afternoon.


Canada is scheduled to open its borders to “fully vaccinated” travelers on Monday, August 9.

In the meantime, a union representing CBSA workers said the situation is “constantly evolving,” as a work-to-rule strike is currently underway.

The union stated the strike will have a “dramatic impact” on Monday’s border reopening, as well as Canada’s supply chain.


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