Minnesota DOT Closing Portions of Multiple Interstates Amid Riots

Minneapolis, MN – The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) on Saturday announced the overnight closures of multiple interstates in response to the ongoing uprisings in Minneapolis.

After a long night of rioting and looting in the Twin Cities on Friday following the death of 46-year-old George Floyd while he was in police custody, MnDOT says it is closing portions of numerous interstates in an effort to keep citizens at home and safe.


Truckers should be advised that MnDOT is closing the following roadways beginning Saturday night at 7 p.m. until 6 a.m. on Sunday:

Interstate 35W northbound and southbound between Interstate 694 and Highway 62
Interstate 35E northbound and southbound between Highway 36 and Highway 62
Interstate 94 eastbound and westbound between Interstate 694 and the Interstate 694/Interstate 494 interchange
Interstate 394 eastbound between Highway 100 and Interstate 94
Highway 55 northbound and southbound between Highway 62 and Interstate 94

MnDOT says that routes will remain open for motorists to exit the downtown areas.

The Twin Cities remain under a curfew prohibiting travel on city streets and in public places during overnight hours.

However, protests are continuing and turning violent despite the curfew order.

During a press conference on Saturday, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz called the events unfolding on the streets of Minneapolis “absolute chaos.”


“The situation is incredibly dangerous. It’s fluid. It’s dynamic. Law enforcement is responding the best they can. The wanton destruction and specifically of ethnic businesses that took generations to build are being torn down. This is not grieving,” Walz stated.

Gov. Walz also warned truckers that rioters were targeting big rigs.

“They are stopping semis by blocking roads and then raiding what’s in them. This is not about George’s death. This is about chaos being caused,” he said.


Minnesota Governor Warns Truckers… Protesters Are “Blocking Roads and Raiding Semis”

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Tow Truck Driver Killed by Big Rig While Rescuing Turtle from Interstate

Illustrating just how dangerous it has become for truckers traveling through the Twin Cities was a video that emerged on Friday evening of a UPS tractor pulling twin trailers being looted by a group of rioters.

Click HERE to watch and read more.

In fact, numerous cases of big rigs being attacked and looted amid demonstrations in other major U.S. cities such as Los Angeles, CA and St. Louis, MO have also been reported.


In the early morning hours on Saturday, an African American man lost his life while looting a FedEx tractor-trailer in downtown St. Louis.

Read more about that HERE.

Authorities in a growing number of U.S. cities from Washington D.C. to Chicago, IL, to San Francisco, CA are mobilized for another night of unrest.

Many of these U.S. cities are also under curfew orders in hopes to reduce the tensions and destruction.

Truckers are urged to take extreme caution when operating through known hot spot areas.

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