Minnesota Governor Warns Truckers… Protesters Are “Blocking Roads and Raiding Semis”

Minneapolis, MN – In an early morning press conference on Saturday, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz said truckers are being targeted by protesters in the Twin Cities amid ongoing rioting and looting.

Anger over the death of 46-year-old George Floyd during an arrest on Monday, May 25, continues to rage as protests are spreading to dozens of cities across the country.

Images of furious rioters setting local businesses ablaze, smashing out windows and burning police cars in major American cities such as Atlanta, GA, Portland, OR, and Los Angeles, CA fill social media and 24/7 cable news channels.


However, the epicenter of the destruction continues to be in Minneapolis, MN where Floyd’s death occurred.

Multiple protests began in the Twin Cities on Tuesday, and by Friday evening had escalated to a height Governor Walz says is unprecedented in the state’s history.

In a press conference at 1:30 a.m. local time on Saturday, Gov. Walz called the events unfolding on the streets of Minneapolis “absolute chaos.”

“The situation is incredibly dangerous. It’s fluid. It’s dynamic. Law enforcement is responding the best they can. The wanton destruction and specifically of ethnic businesses that took generations to build are being torn down. This is not grieving,” Walz stated.


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Further, he indicated authorities simply lack the manpower to stop the destruction even though the National Guard was activated on Friday.

“Quite candidly, we do not have the numbers,” he said. “We cannot arrest people when we are trying to hold ground.”


Gov. Walz also revealed protesters are wreaking havoc on tractor-trailers traveling through the area.

“They are stopping semis by blocking roads and then raiding what’s in them. This is not about George’s death. This is about chaos being caused,” he said.

Videos such as the one below of a UPS tractor pulling twins and being attacked by rioters are beginning to surface.

Reports of rioters throwing rocks from overpasses in the area have also filled social media in recent days.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune tells Transportation Nation Network (TNN) that they have received similar reports, but they have yet to be confirmed.


Meanwhile, TNN spoke with multiple trucking executives on Friday about the challenges of managing a fleet amid the uprisings.

Each executive urged truckers to avoid areas where ongoing protests are known to be and to call ahead to your pickup or delivery destination in order to check if they are open and confirm the safest possible route.

Additionally, monitoring the news and remaining vigilant is critical.


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However, doing so will continue to be a challenge as more protests are expected to pop up in cities across the nation in the coming days.

“There is no way to know where hot spots are going to be,” one executive said. “You can’t prepare for something that you don’t know about.”

Many truckers still remember the savage beating truck driver Reginald Denny took at the hands of protestors during the 1992 Los Angeles Riots.


Denny was pulled from his rig and beaten by multiple people before one protestor threw a rock striking Denny in the head.

Incredibly, he survived but suffered 91 fractures to his skull.

Avoiding a similar occurrence was the top priority for the executives TNN spoke with.

One executive put it very simply, “If your company is requiring you to go into an area like that, then go to work for another company.”

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