Minnesota State Patrol Issues A ‘Distracted Driving’ Warning You Have To See To Believe

Minneapolis, Minnesota – Motorists seem to be distracted by all kinds of things these days as they navigate along America’s interstates and highways. From smartphones to high tech entertainment systems, drivers are becoming increasingly distracted making America’s roadways less safe for all of us.

Distracted driving comes in many forms and that list seems to be growing. A warning issued by Minnesota State Patrol (MSP) this week is one such reminder we simply had to share. In a tweet and a Facebook post, MSP is reminding motorists not to, well, um, watch Netflix while driving. Yes, you read that correctly.



Now why would they feel the need to issue such a warning? According to officials, numerous calls were received on October 26 about a vehicle which was swerving, crossing over lanes and driving erratically along Interstate 94. Troopers say when they approached the vehicle, the woman driver ran the car off of the road crashing it into median cables.

After the accident investigators learned the woman had been binge watching Netflix on her iPad. She had the iPad positioned in the passenger seat and was glued to it resulting in her losing control of the vehicle.


Police also reported secondary crashes occurred after the initial crash and warned drivers that their actions don’t just impact their own safety, but also the safety of many around them. The message was simple, “Put away ALL distractions.”

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports more than 3,400 people died in 2016 alone due to distracted driving.


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