‘Miracle Man’ Miraculously Survives ‘Submerged’ Semi Crash

“I was submerged underwater for about an hour-and-a-half to two-hours. Totally submerged underwater. I just knew it was over.” – Jerry Faggett, truck driver


Courtesy of KY3.com

Springfield, Missouri – Truck driver Jerry Faggett was on a run from St. Louis, MO, headed back home to West Memphis, AR, on a rainy night earlier this month when death came knocking on his door. After his tractor-trailer hydroplaned and overturned into a ditch filled with water, Faggett was left in a fight for his life. “I hit that water so hard that it made my trailer come all the way over and crush me,” Faggett recalled to KY3.com. “I was submerged underwater for about an hour-and-a-half to two-hours. Totally submerged underwater. I just knew it was over.”


Emergency crews found Faggett unresponsive, but believed there was still hope. A medical team nearly 4 hours away from Mercy hospital in Springfield, MO, was dispatched. You might be wondering why dispatch a crew from a hospital almost 4 hours away when every second counts? Well, Mr. Faggett and his family are sure glad they were.

You see, this crew had what’s called an ECMO pump. ECMO stands for Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation. It’s similar to a heart-lung by-pass machine used in open heart surgery. It pumps the patient’s blood outside the body while the lungs and heart recover.


Doug Kirk was the ECMO coordinator and part of the team that treated Mr. Faggett, and he credits the ECMO pump with saving Faggett’s life. “Since he was submerged he took on vast quantities of muddy water. We were suctioning out lots of muddy water out of his nose, out of the back of his throat, and out of his lungs directly,” Kirk said.

Kirk was quick to point out that patients who are in such dire situations as Faggett don’t usually survive. “Patients we put on this have a greater than 80% chance of dying. So the odds were stacked against him,” Kirk explained. “If it weren’t for ECMO, he probably wouldn’t be alive today.”

Faggett believes his life was saved by more than just the ECMO. In fact, he’s certain the source of his strength is much bigger than the ECMO. “I know who it was that kept me here. It was God,” Faggett proclaimed. In addition to being a former military veteran, firefighter and a professional truck driver, Faggett is also a Christian pastor and a man of faith. “They call me the miracle man,” he said.

Faggett acknowledges he still has a long road to full recovery ahead of him. However, he has faith that with God on his side he will continue to grow stronger both physically and spiritually. He’s not about to give up now. “Fight the fight. Just keep pushing,” he urged.

Featured image courtesy of KY3.com.



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