More Creepy Discoveries in Case Against Trucker Accused of Kidnapping Female Motorist

Clarksville, TN – A trucker charged with violently assaulting a Clarksville woman after picking her up along the side of I-24 in May is now under investigation for more crimes, including possession of child pornography.

Tennessee Bureau of Investigations (TBI) arrested 62-year-old trucker Roy Michel Nellsch on May 22 and charged him with especially aggravated assault after a “violent interaction” with a female motorist who had run out of gas along I-24 that same day.

Following the arrest, investigators revealed they discovered one loaded weapon, along with blood, in the sleeper and on the dashboard and visor inside the cab of Nellsch’s truck.


After executing a search warrant on the truck, TBI agents found a large number of bloody women’s underwear inside the cab, according to authorities.

However, in a new search warrant issued on Thursday, authorities detailed more of the items found inside Nellsch’s truck.

Court documents reveal agents discovered numerous women’s bras of various sizes that “appeared used.”

Additionally, investigators found a pair of handcuffs, a stun gun, three lengths of boat rope, (one of which “appeared to have suspected blood stains”) numerous pairs of nylons that were knotted, two clubs, two guns, two “large bayonet-type knives,” and several other items of women’s clothing.

Authorities said some of the women’s clothing appeared to “have suspected blood on them” also.

A cell phone allegedly belonging to Nellsch was also searched.


Agents said they discovered “photographs of children engaged in sexual activities” on the device.

Further, explicit images of adult women, some named or labeled with terms such as “rape,” were also found.

Nellsch, who authorities said has worked as an over-the-road truck driver for 40 years, admitted the incident in May was not the first time he has picked up a stranded female motorist or hitchhiker.


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According to court documents, Nellsch told investigators he engaged in this behavior three or four times each year.

Thursday’s warrant will allow authorities to conduct searches of two computers and six external hard drives seized as part of the ongoing investigation.

Investigators are testing the bloodstained clothing for DNA in an effort to determine the identities of other suspected victims.


The victim in the May incident was able to escape Nellsch’s semi-truck before being raped, according to authorities.

Prosecutors allege that Nellsch offered to give the woman a ride.

Once she entered the truck, he then pointed a gun at her and forced her into the sleeper of the truck, she alleges.

That’s when, police say, he handcuffed her and told her he intended to rape her and keep her “for a couple of days.”

The woman fought back and was able to break free from the handcuffs, officials said.

Police then allege Nellsch took out a larger firearm and struck the woman in the head with it.

As the struggle intensified, the woman was able to fight Nellsch off and escape his truck, authorities said.


The woman then alerted police and Nellsch was pulled over along westbound Highway 49 in Springfield, TN, later that day.

Nellsch surrendered without incident and alerted officers that he had two guns inside of his semi-truck, according to court documents.

He currently remains in Montgomery County Jail on $500,000 bond.

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