More Than 150 People Including Truck Drivers Apprehended in Big Rig Smuggling Busts

Laredo, TX — More than 150 people including two truck drivers were apprehended last week in two human smuggling busts in Texas.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reported both busts occurred at the Interstate 35 checkpoint in Laredo.


The first incident occurred during the evening of Friday, January 14, when Laredo North Station agents encountered a tractor-trailer at the primary inspection lanes.

Further inspection of the conveyance resulted in agents finding almost 100 illegal migrants.

The second bust happened the following day when CBP agents discovered almost 70 illegal migrants inside a big rig during a secondary inspection.

CBP said the individuals were not wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), but were provided PPE and medically screened before being processed.


The identities of the truck drivers were not disclosed pending investigations.

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The moment Texas police busted a 24-year-old trucker smuggling dozens of illegal migrants inside a semi-truck cab was caught on video last week.

Click HERE to watch what happens when police confront the trucker.


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