Morning News Anchor Asks the “Most Annoying” Thing Cars Do to Truckers

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Seattle, Washington – The interview of trucker and President of JET Express on KING5 in Seattle, WA began as a celebration of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week 2018 but ended as a lesson in Trucker 101 for two morning show hosts.

Mimi Jung and Jake Whittenberg welcomed Kevin Burch, who has been filmed for Transportation Nation Network’s original series executive show Beyond the Boardroom, calling the “build up” to this week’s celebrations “incredible.”

Burch proudly speaks of the 3.5 million professional truckers who are “taking care of the everyday goods that keep America … in shape 24/7.” At the :47 mark, he is asked by Jung what the “most annoying thing about driving a [large] truck” when dealing with four wheelers on the roadways.

Burch is quick to point out the first thing they teach in education efforts – even to elementary school aged children – is the size difference between the truck and a regular vehicle. He says he often encourages the motoring public to simply walk around the truck so they can get a basic understand of how long of a vehicle truckers are driving, and the stopping power isn’t the same. He also speaks of the “disadvantage” put on both four wheeler and trucker when a car “lags behind” in the truck’s blind spot.

At the conclusion of the interview, Whittenberg asks Burch about the driver shortage and what can be done to get more truckers out on the road. Burch called the truck driver shortage “a perfect storm” over the past decade, with an “aging workforce” that averages 53-years old. The average American worker is 43. Burch calls this gap a “10-year disadvantage,” and goes on to say the trucking industry has done a “pathetically poor job” of recruiting people to move America’s goods. He credits those two factors, in addition to a rapidly growing American economy, a “perfect storm” for a driver shortage.

Burch, who has been President of the Dayton, OH based carrier since 1990, acquired his CDL 10 years ago this month.

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