Motorist Sends Cattle Hauler Down Steep Embankment Almost Plunging Into Icy River

Pasco, Washington – A cattle hauler almost found himself and his load of cattle in the icy Snake River on Monday after a passenger vehicle pulled out in front of him along snow-covered Highway 12.

According to Pasco Police, a trucker was faced with the difficult decision of slamming into a passenger vehicle or swerving and possibly paying with his life. The accident happened about 4:45 p.m. on Monday

Officials said the semi was hauling a trailer full of cows from Canada, headed to the Tyson Foods plant at Wallula. As the semi approached the last intersection, Sacajewea Park Road, a white Chevy Cruze was coming the other way, and attempted a left turn across the median to go south on Sacajewea Park Road.


The Cruze lost traction as it pulled into the median and became disabled leaving it in the path of the oncoming semi. Police said the truck driver then swerved left and careened down the steep embankment, bounced hard over the railway at the bottom, and came to a stop almost “literally hanging over the water.”

Pasco Police were able to successfully rescue the driver and did not report any injuries. The cattle hauler originated in Canada and was inspected and sealed by a USDA inspector at the border. Per U.S. regulations the cattle had to remain inside the trailer until a USDA inspector could make it on scene to open the trailer, which did not happen until Tuesday morning.

The cattle were then transferred to another truck where they continued their journey to their ultimate destination. Remarkable video (below) and images from the scene (courtesy of Pasco Police) reveal just how close the trucker was from plunging into the river. Pasco Police confirmed the motorist will “likely” be cited.



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