Motorist Has “Miracle” Near-Death Logging Experience

Macon, Georgia – Authorities in Macon, Georgia, responded to an accident yesterday at approximately 9:30 a.m. and were astonished by what they discovered when they arrived. Bibb County sheriff’s deputies described the scene as a “miracle.”

Motorist Evelyn Hurley was driving downtown in her 2012 Chevrolet Equinox when a log from a log hauler flew off the truck and pierced the windshield of Hurley’s SUV. The truck was making a left-hand turn when the load shifted and the log came loose according to investigators. The log entered the windshield and traveled through the vehicle coming to rest with the end jutting out of the rear door window of the vehicle, Bibb County sheriff’s deputies said.

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From one look at the photo above courtesy of, you can understand why an officer on scene told reporter Liz Fabian, “I think everybody is so amazed” no one was seriously injured. Thankfully, only Hurley was in the four-wheeler because this scene could have been much worse.

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The truck driver, Richard Kennedy, was cited for not securing his load. A local towing company hauled the SUV away with the log still in the vehicle. Sharon Lester, an employee of the tow truck company, told, “It looks like it just barely missed the driver.” Incredible. Evelyn Hurley’s guardian angel was working hard yesterday.

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