Motorist Shoots Trucker Twice In The Back, Found “Guilty” Of 2nd Degree Murder

Omaha, Nebraska – An Omaha man was convicted Wednesday in the September 2017 shooting death of a truck driver and Army veteran during a traffic dispute at 60th and L Streets during rush hour.

Michael Benson, 26, was found guilty of second-degree murder of truck driver James Womack, 32, after prosecutors alleged Benson shot Womack twice in the back following a road rage confrontation September 18, 2017. According to testimony in the case, Womack became angry with Benson after being cut off in traffic.


Womack then exited his big rig and approached Benson’s pickup truck. Womack began pounding on the passenger-side window and yelling at Benson. Witnesses testified Womack then began walking away and was about to climb back into his big rig when Benson then fired multiple shots striking Womack in the back twice.


Micheal Benson, 26, has been found guilty of murder in second-degree after shooting and killing truck driver James Womack, 32, in a September 2017 road rage incident. / Courtesy: Douglas County Police


According to witnesses, Womack was two lanes away when he was struck and killed. Numerous witnesses recounted the chaos that ensued as they attempted to tend to Womack during rush hour traffic.

Benson’s court-appointed attorney, Beau Finley, argued to jurors in opening statements on Tuesday, that prosecutors could not offer proof beyond a reasonable doubt that Benson fired the shots. Further he claimed prosecutors could not substantiate claims that Benson was even in the pickup truck that had been involved in what was described as an apparent cat-and-mouse chase with Womack’s semi.


However,  prosecutors Ryan Lindberg and Amy Jacobsen provided data from a GPS tracking device on the truck that Benson was driving and surveillance video that showed him driving the truck that day. Benson claimed that it was not him in the truck at the time because that truck had been stolen days before the shooting.

Douglas County jurors deliberated three hours before rendering their verdict. Womack now faces 28 years to life in prison.

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