Motorist Who Filmed His Miraculous Rescue Cited in Big Rig Crash… But Blames Trucker

Watervliet, NY – The man who filmed his miraculous rescue after his sports car was sandwiched underneath a semi-trailer last Thursday in New York is furious about being cited for the incident.

Jelani Reyes-Craig, 28, from Harlem, was involved in an accident that authorities said had a “zero percent survivability rate.”

Not only did Reyes-Craig live to tell about it… he also filmed it.

Reyes-Craig was traveling northbound on Interstate 787 Thursday at approximately 10 a.m. when, next thing he knew, the 2006 Nissan 350Z he was driving was pancaked underneath a semi-trailer.


The details of how he found himself there differ slightly.

In the now-viral video (below), Reyes-Craig can be heard around the 23-second mark saying, “A [expletive] truck merged into me on the highway.”


However, state police investigators saw things a little differently.

Following the accident, the New York State Police (NYSP) issued Reyes-Craig citations for an unsafe lane change, speed not reasonable and prudent, driving across hazardous markings, unsafe tires, and reckless driving.

“The driver is ticketed based on evidence at the scene. We felt the tickets were warranted, but we are going to wait until we finish our official investigation before we make determinations about who is at fault here,” NYSP Trooper Kerra Burns said of the decision to ticket Reyes-Craig.


“I don’t understand the tickets and I don’t understand why I got them,” Reyes-Craig said, according to local news outlet CBS6.

Despite his confusion over the citations, Reyes-Craig is understandably glad to be alive and grateful to the firefighters who saved him.

“I appreciate it,” he said. “It’s definitely something I’m always going to remember.”

Reyes-Craig said he will fight the tickets, though a preliminary investigation did not determine the driver of the semi to be at-fault.

Investigators have not yet released any detailed information about how the accident happened.

The truck’s driver, who was hauling flour, was uninjured.


Reyes-Craig was taken to a local hospital for evaluation, but was released later the same day after receiving some stitches in his hand.

He also lost a few teeth in the ordeal.

Transportation Nation Network will bring you the latest on this story when new information becomes available.

Photo courtesy CBS6.



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