MOVE OVER TRUCKERS! Truckers Sound Off About “No Speed Limit” Bill

Sacramento, California – A California State Senator is gaining national attention, while also coming under fire by some in the trucking community, after recent comments he made about truckers and his motivation for proposing what has become known as the “No Speed Limit” bill.

California State Senator John M.W. Moorlach (R-37th Distict) recently introduced Senate Bill 319 which would add two northbound and southbound “no posted speed limit” lanes to Interstate Route 5 and State Route 99 which connect Los Angeles to the Bay Area.

In an interview with, the senator explained his motivation for introducing the bill is in-part because semi-trucks often “bother” him and have become a “pet peeve.” He was quoted as saying,

“One of my pet peeves is, I see a truck in the slow lane, and I’m ready to go around them. There are only two lanes on the 5. And when I’m ready to go around that truck, that truck proceeds to move over into the fast lane to pass another truck. And it takes five, ten minutes for that truck to pass another truck. I know it bothers me, I talk to a lot of others that it bothers.”

Senator Moorlach explained he believed 4-wheelers should have the freedom to zoom at high speeds while truckers and those operating “massive cargo transportation” must remain in the speed-limited right lanes.

Further, he commented that his constituents are also experiencing “road rage” from having to deal with semi-trucks.

“We’re finding that it creates a certain amount of road rage as well, because then people start driving faster to get up to the next group of trucks.”

You can read Transportation Nation Network’s (TNN) full report on Senator Moorlach’s bill and interview HERE.

Truckers Sound Off!

Within minutes of publishing the original report on week ago, TNN’s Facebook and Twitter followers began making their voices heard on the matter. Many commented about the unsafe split-speed laws in California, like Jeff Compton who wrote, “Here’s an idea… maybe let trucks go the same speed as the 4-wheelers so traffic is all moving the same speed.


Edward Wills agreed, writing, “Raise the speed limit for trucks and that will solve a lot of problems.”


Others directed their ire directly toward California lawmakers.


Trucker and member of season 1 of TNN’s original series talk show “The Driver’s Lounge,” Eddie Williams… a.k.a. “The Right Brotha,” made this topic the subject of a recent video. He had a message for Senator Moorlach,

“You’re just upset because we’re abiding by the law that California put in place.”

Eddie lives in California and primarily runs the western states. He said he understands why California has a 55 mph limit in congested big cities like Los Angeles. However, he offered this solution for once you get outside of these cities.

“The speed limit needs to be 75 mph for everybody. Your pet peeve is because there is law restricting our speed. Take the shackles off of us in wide open areas.”

Eddie also said the senator should consider what truckers face on a day-to-day basis.

“He wants to go ahead and spend millions of dollars so he can zip through in his very fast vehicle and get to where he wants to go like we don’t have places to go, and we’re on electronic logs. We gotta go where we gotta go before those logs run out.”

Watch Eddie’s entire video below.



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