Multiple Big Rigs Toppled in Wyoming Wind Gusts of Nearly 80 MPH

Chugwater, WY – Multiple big rigs were toppled today in Wyoming as officials said wind gust of nearly 80 mph were recorded.

An Amazon tractor-trailer was one of the victims of the high winds.


It was blown over at approximately 5:54 a.m. while traveling along a bridge on Interstate 25, south of Chugwater.

An image from the scene reveals the the semi-trailer left dangerously dangling over the edge.

Jeff Goetz with the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) said wind warning and closures to high profile vehicles were posted well prior to the accident.

“Gusts in area now 70+ mph,” he Tweeted. “Underscores importance of heeding wind warnings and closures.”

Another tractor-trailer was reported toppled at approximately 9 a.m. along I-25 southbound at Bordeaux at milepost 70.


The big rig was blocking all southbound lanes.

Yet another big rig blow over accident was reported at approximately 10 a.m. northbound on I-25 near Wyoming Hill at mile marker 3.

“I-25 between Colo. & Wheatland is closed to light, high-profile vehicles due to strong crosswinds posing an extreme blow-over risk. Pull aside and save your ride!” WYDOT said.

No information has yet been made available about the condition of the truck drivers involved.


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A High Wind Warning remains in effect through Tuesday morning for much of Southeast Wyoming.


Whiteout conditions also led to the closure of I-80 between Laramie and Rawlins.

Officials are urging truckers and all motorists to travel with caution.



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