Multiple Roads Shut Down as Raleigh, NC Prepares for Weekend of “Massive” Protests

Raleigh, NC – Truckers operating in and through Raleigh, NC are urged to do so with caution this weekend as local leaders are hoping the violence that has been playing out in the streets of cities such as Kenosha, WI and Minneapolis, MN doesn’t erupt there.

Multiple social justice groups including Black Lives Matter (BLM) took to the streets of downtown on Friday night to protest the police-involved shooting of Jacob Blake in Wisconsin.


According to local news outlets, several demonstrators were arrested after the protest became violent.

Demonstrators used a street sign to smash through Genesis Substance Abuse Center on Davie Street.

The Wake County Sheriff’s Office was also vandalized with spray paint.

Some marchers also continued beyond the 10 p.m. – 5 a.m curfew, which was enacted this week by Mayor Mary-Ann Baldwin.

In addition to the curfew, Mayor Baldwin also ordered the following roads in the downtown area to be closed for the duration of the weekend:

Fayetteville Street between Morgan Street and Davie Street
Hargett Street between Salisbury Street and Wilmington Street
Martin Street between Salisbury Street and Wilmington Street

Also according to local reporting, numerous downtown business owners have boarded up their store windows hoping to be spared of any possible rioting and looting should tensions escalate.


While none of the planned demonstrations are set to take place on nearby interstates, it should also be noted that dozens of such demonstrations have spontaneously moved to major roadways throughout the last five months of social unrest.

Please be advised if you are traveling through Raleigh this weekend.

Transportation Nation Network will monitor new developments.



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  1. once again, a demonstration of their stupidity and ignorance. So things aren’t going their way….someone gets shot, arrested, whatever, for breaking the law…so they demonstrate their disapproval while burning down their own neighborhoods. Thats real smart. Ingenious. And they want respect?? No way, never. Get this crap under control already, and take severe effective measures to put this stupidity to an end.


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