National Reporter Calls Out Truckers for “Wildly Homophobic” Attacks on Pete Buttigieg

Washington D.C. – A transportation reporter for an inside the Beltway media operation took to social media this week to call out truckers for “wildly homophobic” comments he says were directed at President Biden’s pick to lead the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT).

Sam Mintz covers the transportation industry for The Politico and said his “faith in humanity” was shaken this week after reading comments from truckers on Facebook about USDOT Secretary nominee Pete Buttigieg.


If confirmed by the U.S. Senate, which is almost a foregone conclusion, Buttigieg will become only the second openly gay person to hold a cabinet level position.

Mayor Pete is married to 31-year-old Chasten Buttigieg who is a schoolteacher, writer, and LGBTQ rights advocate.

On Wednesday, January 20, Mintz took to Twitter to report to his followers about the bigotry he says he observed inside the trucking community.


“I belong to a Facebook group of truck drivers that I’ve used for reporting in the past,” he wrote. “I was scrolling tonight and saw someone had posted asking what members think of Pete Buttigieg. I’d say fully half of the responses were wildly, disturbingly, violently homophobic.”

Mintz continued, “It was hard to read. Even knowing social media is a cesspool it shook my faith in humanity a little bit.”


He did not disclose which Facebook group he read the alleged comments in.

The tweet elicited a number of responses as some commenters lashed out at truckers.

Lisa Borta claimed her husband often dealt with “racism and xenophobia” from “white” drivers while he worked as a truck driver.


Another commenter shared a similar story.

Some commenters even suggested reporting truckers who make offensive statements online to their employers.


One commenter attempted to defend the trucking community.

On Thursday, Buttigieg testified before the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation.

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Click HERE to watch the hearing.
Photo courtesy of Chasten Buttigieg/Twitter


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