New Hampshire Inspection Operation Nets 250 Violations, 50 Trucks Or Drivers Placed Out-Of-Service

Brentwood, New Hampshire – New Hampshire State Police conducted an inspection operation of commercial trucks in 5 cities on Friday that resulted in more than 250 violations.

State troopers from Troop G conducted this concentrated enforcement effort in the towns of Canterbury, Littleton, Durham, Epping and Wyndham. Officials said they conducted weight and inspection checks of 354 trucks resulting in 259 violations and 50 trucks or drivers placed out-of-service.


The New Hampshire Union Leader reported two of the most serious violations. First, Sgt. Christopher Kelby was on patrol in Brentwood when he witnessed a truck driver using a controlled drug while actually behind-the-wheel. The driver was cited and placed out-of-service.

In a separate incident in Durham, Sgt. Kenneth Carr discovered a tractor-trailer was unregistered with a license plate that did not belong to the truck. The truck was then towed.

Cover image courtesy of New Hampshire State Police.


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