New Jersey Providing Truckers With New ‘Real Time, In-Cab’ Crash and Congestion Alerts

Trenton, NJ — The New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) is implementing a new traffic alert system feature designed specifically for commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers in efforts to increase safety and reduce accidents.

NJDOT announced the new technology on Tuesday, which was developed in partnership with INRIX and Intelligent Imaging Systems, which is the parent company of Drivewyze, Inc.


The technology will offer real-time, in-cab congestion updates and slowdown alerts to CMV drivers approximately two to three miles before slowdowns begin, according to NJDOT.

The alerts miles-out from accidents will provide drivers with “plenty of time to reduce speed to help prevent crashes,” NJDOT asserts.

“The ability to alert commercial vehicle drivers to unexpected traffic conditions will improve safety for everyone driving on New Jersey’s highways,” Diane Gutierrez-Scaccetti, NJDOT Commissioner, stated. “By warning drivers of congestion that is miles ahead, drivers of large commercial vehicles will have the extra time needed to safely slow down.”


The alerts are available to all carriers and drivers using the Drivewyze PreClear software.

INRIX traffic and slowdown alerts will join other notifications that truck drivers already receive through Drivewyze’s in-cab safety notification service, such as slow down alerts when coming upon dangerous curves, caution notifications when nearing a low bridge, and mountain corridor steep grades, NJDOT stated.


The alerts cover 647 miles of the State’s highways, including the New Jersey Turnpike, Garden State Parkway, and Atlantic City Expressway.

The system will only send notifications to subscribed drivers within the geographical boundaries of New Jersey.

However, Drivewyze is looking to offer similar geolocated services in other states, the Department confirmed.


The implementation of the new Drivewyze safety alert technology was praised by the New Jersey Motor Truck Association (NJMTA).

“The New Jersey Motor Truck Association applauds the efforts to provide advance safety alerts to commercial truck drivers via Drivewyze,” Gail Toth of NJMTA said. “These efforts will help to keep our workplace – the highways – safer for all.”

NJDOT said the safety alert program is a step toward “realizing its goal of zero deaths” on State roadways.

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