New Movie Promises to Give Real Story Behind Recent Trucker Border Blockade

Coutts, AB — A new documentary promises to give viewers an exclusive look inside what really happened during a trucker blockade at the U.S.-Canada border earlier this year.

On Saturday, January 29, a group of truckers used their big rigs to block both the north and southbound lanes of traffic at the Coutts, AB/Sweetgrass, MT border.


The convoy and blockade was in protest to Canada’s draconian COVID-19 vaccination, testing and quarantining rules and was organized as a show of solidarity with those participating in Freedom Convoy 2022 in Ottawa.

Transportation Nation Network (TNN) was first to break both of these major stories.

In the days following TNN’s initial reporting, a flood of North American media covered the ongoing developments including Canadian outlet Rebel News.


In fact, Rebel News embedded two reporters and a videographer with the blockade in Coutts and is now set to soon release a film entitled “Trucker Rebellion” detailing the tense, days-long negotiations with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

The documentary is scheduled to be released on May 26.

Click HERE to learn how you can watch the film and check out the trailer below.

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