New Partnership To Speed “Promising” Hydrogen-Powered Electric Semis To Market

Phoenix, Arizona – Several prominent automakers have announced a partnership with the makers of fuel cell technologies in an effort to speed fuel cell-powered electric trucks to the market.

In a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), announced last week, between Air Liquide, Hyundai, NEL, Nikola Motor, Shell and Toyota, the companies are seeking to streamline testing of state of the art heavy duty (HD) hydrogen fueling hardware.

In addition, the MOU seeks to assist in standardization in order to speed electric trucks powered by fuel cells into the marketplace.

The industry group has created specifications for the fueling nozzle, vehicle receptacle, dispenser hose and breakaway device components for this HD application for the purpose of developing Request for Proposals to suppliers.


“Heavy duty fuel cell trucks offer the same range as their conventional diesel counterparts and fueling hardware is being developed to fill in 10 minutes,” said Jesse Schneider, executive vice president, Nikola Motor, Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Technologies. “Key members of the industry have joined forces to evaluate HD Fueling Hardware to make this a reality.”

Nikola Motor Co.

Schneider called the agreement among the industry group “a big first step” to achieving the goal of “interoperability” among the companies, so that any participating company “can fuel at our hydrogen stations and we can fill at any of theirs, just like diesel today.”

Jørn Rosenlund, SVP of Nel Hydrogen Fueling said hydrogen fuel cell technology is showing great promise” and these companies are “now in the process of developing the next generation, high capacity stations for this segment.”

Rosenland said the only way to make HD hydrogen fuel cell-powered trucks viable is standardization. “In order to enable commercial success for this segment, standardization of fueling hardware is a key,” Rosenlund commented.

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