New Petition Demands President Trump, FMCSA Force Brokers to Offer Better Rates

Washington D.C. – As rates in the spot market continue to plummet, a new petition is calling on President Donald Trump and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to intervene on behalf of America’s small business truckers.

In a newly launched petition, organizer and independent contractor Rodney Lara is demanding new regulations for freight brokers.

“Does it seem fair that the person sitting behind their desk at home, hustles these hard working individuals (truckers) for every penny all while treating them like dirt,” the petition asks. “Within these contracts that brokers or brokering companies have created they are totally covered and can get away with murder, while the person or company doing most of the work is left with scraps and no way to defend themselves. Not saying all brokers are like this, BUT most.”


Lara has been a professional driver for five years and bought his first truck in September of 2019.

He leases a refrigerated trailer and operates out of McAllen, TX.

He tells Transportation Nation Network (TNN) rates have become “ridiculous.”

“It’s really insulting the way [brokers] are treating drivers,” Lara said. “Brokers need truckers. It’s not the other way around.”

The petition is calling on President Trump, the FMCSA and a host of governors to require “just pay on loads” and “just pricing on insurance.”

“Everyone wants just pay on the loads because you have a lot of operating expenses,” Lara stated.


While the petition does not ask for a specific per mile minimum rate, Lara says he would like to see it be set at $2.

“Only about 20 percent of freight, at most, will pay you $2 a mile right now, but that is on a lot of the short loads,” he said.

Further, he said hauling short loads into places without a backhaul waiting will end up costing you in the long run.

“You are going to go deadhead 200-300 miles, so are you really making $2 per mile?”

Lara has parked his truck for the last two weeks in protest and says he is not sure when he will hit the road again.

His petition is also asking fellow independent contractors, “DO NOT TAKE A LOAD no matter what they pay, until the rates improve.”


Still, he says he feels for the many truckers having a difficult time surviving.

“We are not the only ones in the boat that’s sinking,” he said.

Click HERE to read/sign Lara’s petition.


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Photo courtesy of Rodney Lara



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