New Petition Demands Trained Drivers Must Be Behind-The-Wheel of Driverless Trucks

Washington D.C. – A newly launched petition aiming to build public and trucking industry awareness of the dangers of driverless trucks is demanding that trained drivers always remain behind-the-wheel.

Lee Schmitt, co-host of the popular Blog Talk Radio show Trucking Across America With The Schmitts, has been educating the public on emerging autonomous technologies for years.


Schmitt, along with fellow concerned trucker Gerald Johnson (a.k.a. “Trucker G” within the grassroots trucking community), have now launched a petition demanding U.S. lawmakers “keep our roads safe” from the needless accidents they believe will result from the deployment of Level 4 and Level 5 automated commercial vehicles (AVs) on American roadways.

“Driverless Trucks are coming,” the petition states. “Our government and computer techies think that by removing humans from the equation, 80,000 lb. vehicles will be safer traveling down the roads next to your and my family.”

The petition continues, “The government has put over $100M of OUR tax dollars into the development of autonomous semis, because they want to be the first country using this technology on the roads. At the same time, there are NO measurable safety metrics for these companies to follow.”


Specifically, the petition demands:

WE THE PEOPLE, of the United States of America, being comprised of American Truck Drivers and Public Citizens, DEMAND our legislators protect our safety as we travel on the roadways of this great nation by proposing, creating, and enacting laws to require that no automated motor vehicle shall be operated in automatic mode, unless a person is occupying the driver’s seat of the vehicle, who is qualified and licensed by law to operate the vehicle, is trained in the operation of the automated motor vehicle and has the ability to monitor the vehicle and take control of its movements if necessary.

Additionally, the petition urges lawmakers to require all Level 4 and Level 5 AVs be equipped with a “black box” recording device, that in the event of an accident, must be immediately turned over to the National Transportation Safety Board and other investigating agencies and safety officials at the time of the crash.


More than 700 people have added their signature just in the first day.

Click HERE to read and/or sign the petition.
Photo courtesy of Waymo



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