New Poll Reveals How Some Americans View Truckers… The Results May Surprise You

Tallahassee, FL – A new poll is shedding light on how voters in at least one state feel about truckers during this time of national emergency caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The results of a newly released Mason-Dixon poll of Florida voters is good news for truckers operating in and through the Sunshine State.


According to a recent survey of 625 registered voters, an overwhelming majority of Floridians view truckers positively.

Respondents were asked: What is your attitude towards TRUCK DRIVERS during the COVID-19 pandemic? Is it very positive, somewhat positive, somewhat negative or very negative?

A whopping 84% said they had either a very positive (58%) or somewhat positive (26%) view of truckers.

Only 4% expressed a somewhat negative view with a mere 2% saying they had a very negative view of truck drivers.

A total of 10% of those surveyed expressed no opinion.


However, the poll also dug a bit deeper and measured opinions of truckers along gender, racial, age and political party registration as well.

Women vs. Men

According to the poll, more men than women held a positive view of truckers.

In fact, 90% of men held a very or somewhat positive view compared to 79% of women who held those same views.


The poll also measured respondents based on race/ethnicity.

Each race/ethnic group surveyed (white, black and hispanic) overwhelmingly expressed a positive view of truckers.

Whites held truckers in highest esteem with 61% expressing a very positive view and 24% indicating a somewhat positive view.

Hispanics were next closest with 56% saying they held a very positive view and 23% with a somewhat positive view.

Blacks also held overwhelmingly positive views but were much closer to an even split.


The breakdown came in at 46% saying they held a very positive view with 35% expressing a somewhat positive view.

According to the poll, blacks also held the highest negative views of truckers with 11% saying they had a somewhat or very negative view.

A total of 9% of hispanics held a somewhat or negative view with 5% of whites expressing similar views.

Party Registration

The poll also looked at respondents’ opinions based on their registered political affiliation as well.

Independents held the most favorable view of truckers.

An incredible 93% of independents expressed a very (63%) or somewhat positive view (30%), while 0% expressed a very negative view.


Republicans were next in terms of viewing truckers favorably.

A total of 91% indicated they see truckers very (73%) or somewhat positively (18%) with 0% expressing a very negative view.

Democrats also viewed truckers positively but not nearly as high.

A total of 66% of Democrats indicated a very (42%) or somewhat positive (34%) view.

Democrats also held the most negative view of truckers at 10%.

A total of 6% of Democrats expressed a somewhat negative view and 4% held a very negative view.


A person’s age also appeared to be a factor in their view of truck drivers.

Among those age 50 years and older, 91% expressed a very (65%) or somewhat positive view (26%), while 0% expressed a very negative view.


A total of 74% of those younger than 50 years old also view truckers very positively (48%) or somewhat positively (26%).

However, 5% also expressed a very negative view.

No Longer Taken For Granted 

In response to the poll’s findings, the Florida Trucking Association (FTA) issued a release pointing out that the COVID-19 pandemic has opened the eyes of many Americans to the invaluable contributions truckers make.

“The trucking industry usually operates invisibly, with people taking the transportation of everything they touch, eat and use for granted,” Florida Trucking Association CEO Ken Armstrong said. “We are proud of our industry’s vital role in our state’s economy and daily lives as we ensure Floridians receive what they need during this difficult time.”

According to the FTA, Florida is home to 38,000 trucking companies accounting for one out of every 21 jobs in the state.

Click HERE to view all the results of the Mason-Dixon poll.


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