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New Report Answers Questions About ‘Driver Error, Brake Failure’ In Fatal ‘Mountainous’ Semi Crash


Garden City, Utah – Investigators have released their findings of a fatal semi crash (see video above) at the intersection of State Routes 30 and 89  in Rich County, Utah, earlier this month.

Truck driver Ahmed M Abdelgader, 31, of Omaha, Nebraska, lost his life and a passenger (still yet to be identified) is still recovering from life-threatening injuries after the semi they were traveling in jackknifed and plowed into Pugstones sporting goods store at approximately 6:37 p.m. on October 10. No one was inside the store at the time. Officials say the store is now a “total loss.”

Transportation Nation Network’s original report of the accident reported authorities with the Utah Dept. of Public Safety (DPS) said witnesses indicated that the semi was driving erratically and at a high rate of speed as the brakes could be seen “glowing.” Investigators have now concluded their investigation and made a determination as to the cause of this tragic accident. We have documented the key findings from investigators below.


Accident Description

“The semi entered the intersection at a high rate of speed and the driver attempted to make a right turn onto Bear Lake Boulevard (SR-30). The semi went over the curb as its trailer began to overturn. It slammed into a building and the trailer struck the stop sign. It continued to overturn and struck the building. The trailer swung to the left, causing a partial jackknife as the semi continued farther into the building. As it came to rest, it caused debris to strike and damage an adjacent building. The momentum of the contents of the trailer (butter), caused the butter to continue out of the trailer into the building.”

Statements From Witnesses

“Several witnesses who had either been passed by the semi or had followed the semi described a very erratic driving pattern through Logan Canyon. They indicated at times the driver of the semi was driving into oncoming traffic, driving across multiple lanes, and swerving into motorists as the semi tried to pass. Witnesses further reported smoke coming from the trailer wheels as the semi came down the canyon.”

Conclusion of Findings

“Our findings are: The driver was not familiar with driving in a mountainous environment and drove in such a manner as to cause the brakes to overheat. Those brakes failed to operate properly as he descended the hill and attempted to stop at the intersection, thus causing the vehicle to slam into the building. However, at the time of the crash they appeared to have been hot and were therefore not functioning normally.”


Transportation Nation Network Viewers Weigh In

Viewers of Transportation Nation Network took to our social media pages to sound off on the accident at the time we first reported it. We have shared some of their comments below.



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