New ‘Tentative Agreement’ Between Volvo Trucks and Labor Union Appears Doomed AGAIN

Dublin, VA – United Auto Workers (UAW) members at the largest Volvo Trucks North America (VTNA) assembly plant appear poised to overwhelmingly reject a second tentative labor agreement.

Last week, VTNA and UAW Local 2069 leadership announced it had reached a second “tentative agreement” in as many months to keep 2,900 workers on the job at VTNA’s New River Valley (NRV) truck assembly plant.


The second agreement is a six year deal which includes changes such as increasing retirees’ lump sum bonus, reducing the eight year wage progression to only six years, and more flexible work schedules.

The announcement of the new deal came just days after Local 2069 members overwhelmingly voted down a tentative five year labor agreement that was reached in April following a two-week strike.

In a statement celebrating the second agreement, UAW Secretary-Treasurer and Director of the UAW Heavy Truck Department, Ray Curry, said the second round of negotiations yielded “even more solid gains toward fair pay, benefits and job security protections.”


“Our members are the final authority and we worked hard after the previous agreement to achieve these results,” Curry commented. “We believe the agreement addresses their concerns.”

UAW Members Sound Off

UAW Local 2069 posted the terms of the second agreement to social media and it didn’t take long for members to begin sounding off about how they felt.

“If this is the best we can do with the leverage we have now, we are screwed,” wrote Michael Carroll. “Meanwhile we filled the fields up with trucks again for Volvo, and got Mack more cabs to keep making money for Volvo.”

“Are you guys nuts? We are not voting for this crap. Try again!” Jill Cox exclaimed.

Donald Nunley took aim at UAW leadership.

“WTF!!! This only proves that the leadership of this local, along with the company are so far out of touch with the people here that it’s pathetic!!” Nunley lambasted.


Michael Sluff agreed.

“You need to clean your ears out. Apparently you can’t hear us. WE DESERVE BETTER!!!” he fumed.

Derek Woodyard called the agreement a “slap in the face,” while Michael Smith urged union leadership to go back to the table.

“You guys are making all of us at 2069 seem like we are stupid,” Smith wrote. “GET TO WORK AND NEGOTIATE A BETTER CONTRACT!!!!”

Ratification Vote Set

A vote to ratify the new deal is set to take place on Sunday, June 6, 2021, from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. at the local union hall.

In a social media post, Local 2069 reminded members that in order to vote they will need to produce valid identification. will continue to follow the story.

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