New Toll Hikes on Maine Turnpike Now in Effect, Price Increases Blamed on Pandemic

Portland, OR – Truckers and motorists traveling on the Maine Turnpike will pay more beginning today.

Effective Monday, November 1, the Maine Turnpike Authority (MTA) has increased prices, citing its goal to “offset significant losses to revenue caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.”


As a result of the “decrease in traffic during the COVID-19 pandemic,” MTA stated it collected $60 million less than had been projected.

One hundred percent of its revenue is generated through users of the Maine Turnpike.

The new pricing will impact truckers.


For instance, the cash toll rate for a five-axle truck traveling the full length of the Turnpike is now $32… an increase from the former rate of $28.

The cash toll rate for a six-axle truck traveling the full length of the Turnpike increased $4 from $32.05 to $36.05.

During the 2020 pandemic year, MTA chose to invest “$106 million in capital projects to help sustain the Maine economy and allow contractors to work safely in reduced traffic to complete projects of major significance to the Turnpike and the public.”


In total, there are currently approximately $939 million in “major capacity improvements planned over the next 15 years” on the Turnpike, MTA stated.

Additionally, MTA is implementing the following toll increases, which are expected to increase toll revenue by approximately 13-percent:

• Increasing York from $3.00 to $4.00 for a passenger car (Class 1) cash rate and corresponding rates for remaining toll classes;
• Increasing the current Maine E-ZPass rate per mile from 7.7 cents to 8.0 cents;
• Adjusting the Class 1 Personal Volume Discount thresholds from a 25% discount to a 20% discount for Maine E-ZPass users making 30 or more trips per month and from a 50% discount to a 40% discount for Maine E-ZPass users making 40 or more trips per month;
• Image tolls (I-tolls) will no longer count towards the Class 1 Personal Volume discount. I-tolls are created when an E-ZPass transponder is not present or read in a valid Maine E-ZPass account.

This is the first price increase since 2012, according to MTA.

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