New York Police Pose as Construction Workers to Nab “Reckless” Drivers

Albany, NY – Police in New York State are disguising as construction workers and targeting reckless and distracted driving in a statewide enforcement operation.

“Operation Hardhat” began on July 14 and is an enforcement effort by the New York State Police (NYSP) in partnership with the New York State Department of Transportation (NYDOT) and the Thruway Authority.


Troopers pose as construction workers in work zones and look to crackdown on driving offenses.

This year, NYSP says it is focusing on reckless driving.

“Please, follow the posted speed limit, stay off electronic devices, and move over!” an NYSP Facebook post said. “Every person working out there deserves to go home to their family.”


During last year’s enforcement blitz, there were 1,048 tickets issued across the state, including 493 speed violations, 92 cell phone violations, 94 seatbelt and two child restraint violations, 72 move over violations, eight failures to obey a traffic control device, two failures to obey a flagger, two DWI and 283 other violations.


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says there is “no tolerance for those who drives recklessly and endanger the lives of others.”

“New York’s highway workers and first responders put their personal safety on the line every day to help ensure our roads and bridges remain safe and in good repair,” Governor Cuomo said this week. “As New Yorkers, we have a responsibility to keep these essential workers out of harm’s way – and that means slowing down, moving over and using common sense.”


This year the NYSP’s enforcement crackdown also coincides with the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) Operation Safe Driver Week happening throughout North America.

CVSA’s blitz began last Sunday, July 12 and concludes on Saturday, July 18.



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