New York Police Searching for Trucker Involved in Double Fatality Hit and Run

Wheatland, NY – Police in New York are searching for a yellow Volvo semi-truck they say caused a double fatality accident then fled the scene.

According to New York State Police (NYSP), the deadly crash occurred on the New York State Thruway just before 4:20 a.m. Friday morning between exits 46 (Henrietta) and 47 (Leroy), near the Ontario rest stop.


Investigators believe a yellow Volvo tractor (with a sleeper) pulling a trailer was driving west in the far right lane when, for unknown reasons, its driver “decided to cross over multiple lanes to make a U-turn,” local outlet WHAM reported.

When the truck made the U-turn near mile marker 375, a passenger vehicle, which had been traveling behind the Volvo, “slammed into the back of the trailer.”

The impact of the crash caused the vehicle’s roof to sheer off.

The male driver of the vehicle was killed at the scene.

The female passenger was taken to a nearby hospital in critical condition, where she later succumbed to her injuries.


Their identities are being withheld, pending notification of family.

However, NYSP said they were from Tennessee.

NYSP said the truck driver did not stop to render aid and continued heading eastbound following the accident.

According to investigators, the tractor-trailer exited the Thruway at exit 46 (Rochester-Corning, I-390) and later pulled into the Doubletree Hotel parking lot at the intersection of Jefferson Road and East Henrietta Road.

While in the hotel parking lot, police said the trucker removed a portion of the car’s roof, what had affixed to the tractor-trailer during the crash.


The chunk of the car that was allegedly removed by the trucker was later located by the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office.

Officials are asking anybody with any information about the yellow Volvo or its driver to call NYSP in Canandaigua at (585) 398-4100 or 9-1-1.

Authorities indicate the driver’s side of the semi will likely have severe damage as a result of the accident.



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  1. The story doesn’t make sense and law enforcement has been twisting stories and blaming Truckers for years. I think the trucker was merging in from the rest area and the car driver didn’t move over because he wasn’t paying attention causing the crash. The car hit from behind not the side of the 18. Trucker fled because we’re always guilty till proven innocent. Not the right thing to do but, if he was African American, he’d opt to run before getting shot in the back by the law

    1. These are my cousins. My father drove his rig for 47 years God test his soul… my husband, he’s been driving for 17. I can’t believe that any American could sleep at night after what this man done… but he’s been caught and they’re going thru procedures as they see fit… we finally get to bury “The Male” Thursday @ 2 since New York finally let us have our family members back. The hell that pitiful place has put my family thru is unbelievable! Just a disgrace to put a mother thru what they have! Not to mention the rest of the family. While the story doesn’t make sense to you, there are witnesses to the event who took 2 wonderful people, step siblings, loved all over the country by many for the work they do with animals… plus video from the motel and witnesses from there too showing the man physically remove the blood covered roof of the car from underneath his truck. It was stated that the driver of the rig was making a u turn, which is illegal for a rig to do. Also, if he knew someone hit him and instead of stopping to assist, he ran like the coward he is. Only stopping to remove the car roof, as I stated, COVERED IN BLOOD! The amount of blood there was, he knew they needed help. There was no help for one but the other he might could have saved. Had he stopped, my family would have begged mercy from the courts for that “man”, but as it stands, he needs some Jesus. I understand the restrictions and unfairness truckers are treated with every day, no one that makes the insane rules truckers must live by today has ever driven a truck and have no clue what it’s like to leave ur family and live on the road. Oh, and as far as maybe he was leaving the rest area and my cousin simply didn’t move over, have u seen that on ramp? And even so… there’s this thing called merging… trucks have breaks too. If he couldn’t merge onto the highway, he should have done so when it was safe, not kill 2 young people who didn’t deserve to die that way. And I know truckers are treated unfairly, but what if it was your son? Brother? Cousin? Husband? Daughter, sister or wife? Would u want to read angry statements about “it’s always the truckers fault when it ain’t”underneath a story about ur dead relatives? We can’t bury our kin and see their beautiful wonderful faces… it’s to be closed caskets because of what he done to their bodies. Just so u know, he was making an illegal u turn, they went under the trailer from the back side. I recon it don’t really have to make sense to you. It just needs to make sense to the proper law enforcements from the mouths of the witnesses and video tape and the proof taken from evidence, including his own truck. Hope you have a great day sir. I’m sure it will be way better than his momma or her daddy. God Bless

  2. Had he stayed on the scene then his only explanation would be to why he was u-turning. U turns are prohibited on the NYS thruway as it’s toll road, and the toll ticket or E-ZPass would not coincide with times enroute nor distance traveled.
    Before we blame either party, it’s 2020, and I’m sure one of them were watching net flix or glancing the cell phone.

    1. I’m sorry,maybe the driver of the 18 wheeler… my cousin was adamant not to do either as we lost someone dear to us due to cell phone usage while driving. He’s never done it sense. And here in Tennessee, there’s hefty fines and even points taken off ur license for driving and phone usage. Most of us like driving so we use headsets or a co-pilot to help us out if it’s even that important. I wish I could go into great detail but I’m afraid that I would post something that shouldn’t be due to its an ongoing investigation. I am curious as to why they’re hasn’t been an update on the story tho. Have a great day! 🙂

  3. A passenger vehicle had been traveling behind the tractor trailer. The tractor trailer moved over multiple lanes to make an illegal U-turn. Well, first of all, if the passenger vehicle was traveling behind the tractor trailer, then the tractor trailer moved over multiple lanes, how the Hell was the passenger vehicle still behind the tractor trailer? Second, the roof was sheared off the passenger vehicle when it crashed into the back of the tractor trailer. How F—ing fast was the passenger vehicle traveling to cause that kind of damage? Third, the passenger vehicle hit the back of the trailer, not the other way around! In most states, if you hit another vehicle from behind, it’s YOUR fault, as you’re supposed to have control of your vehicle at all times! There’s another article on TNN right now, that’s blaming the driver of a tractor trailer for crashing into the back of a passenger vehicle, caused by another passenger vehicle making an illegal U-turn. How is it that the truck driver is being blamed in both instances? The hypocrisy is stunning!!!


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