NHTSA Orders Makers of Advanced and Self-Driving Tech to Report Crashes

Washington D.C. – The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has ordered manufacturers and operators of vehicles equipped with SAE Level 2 advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) or SAE Levels 3-5 automated driving systems (ADS) to report crashes.

In a 37-page General Standing Order served this week to more than 100 vehicle and equipment (including software) manufacturers, the NHTSA instructs that all accidents in which the Level 2 ADAS or Level 3-5 ADS system was engaged during or immediately before the crash be reported in detail.


“Given the rapid evolution of these technologies and testing of new technologies and features on publicly accessible roads, it is critical for NHTSA to exercise its robust oversight over potential safety defects in vehicles operating with ADS and Level 2 ADAS,” the order states.

Additionally, the NHTSA said the Agency is concerned about the safety ramifications of self-driving systems and that “access to ADS data may show whether there are common patterns in driverless vehicle crashes or systematic problems in operation.”


NHTSA’s order requires covered entities to report crashes based on the following:

• Within one day of learning of a crash, companies must report crashes involving a Level 2 ADAS or Levels 3-5 ADS-equipped vehicle that also involve a hospital-treated injury, a fatality, a vehicle tow-away, an air bag deployment, or a vulnerable road user such as a pedestrian or bicyclist. An updated report is due 10 days after learning of the crash.
• Every month, companies must report all other crashes involving an ADS-equipped vehicle that involve an injury or property damage.
• Reports must be updated monthly with new or additional information.
• Reports must be submitted for any reportable crash, about which a company receives notice, beginning 10 days after the company is served with the order.
• Reports must be submitted to NHTSA electronically using a form that requires important information regarding the crash. NHTSA will use this information to identify crashes for follow-up.
• Semi-truck manufacturers receiving the order include: Daimler Trucks North America, Volvo Trucks, Navistar and Paccar Inc.


Self-driving truck and technology makers also receiving the order include: Aurora, Embark Trucks, Kodiak Robotics, Locomation, Plus, Pronto AI, Tesla, TuSimple and Waymo.

Bendix and Wabco were also served the order.

Click HERE to view the reporting form.

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