NO BIG RIGS ALLOWED: North Carolina City Is The Latest To Ban ‘Overnight’ Parking For Truckers

Murfreesboro, North Carolina – City Council members of Murfreesboro, North Carolina, just approved a new ordinance that effectively bans all heavy duty trucks from parking on a city streets overnight, according to

Residents of the North Carolina town have had enough of semi trucks obstructing roads and creating a dangerous environment for traffic on residential streets says Mayor Hal Thomas. At a recent city council meeting Mayor  Thomas said this issue has been on the minds of residents for the past couple of years and an ordinance was necessary. “Without having something on the books, our police cannot go up and put a warning ticket on somebody’s vehicle that’s parked in the street where it shouldn’t be,” he said. “Residential streets were not laid out to hold all those big vehicles.”

The ordinance reads as follows:

No truck, defined as a motor vehicle with dual wheels and three or more axles, and/or any trailer pulled by such motor vehicle, shall be parked in the streets controlled by the Town in any neighborhood zoned residential, except for the purpose of loading and unloading and in any event not overnight. Each day shall constitute a separate offense.

Mayor Thomas also pointed out the fine for each violation of the ordinance is $50. This is not acceptable to truck driver and Murfreesboro resident Miguel Turner. He was in attendance at the November 14 meeting and spoke out against the proposed ordinance. “I’m a truck driver. That is how I make my living. That’s how I take care of my family,” he said.


Mr. Turner said he understood the frustration with some “irresponsible drivers,” but requested the city council not to “punish” all truck drivers who are residents for the actions of a few.

Mr. Turner said he drives for a company headquartered about an hour away. He expressed fear that if the ordinance passed and he was not able to park his truck at his residence any longer then he would lose his job.

In response to Mr. Turner, council member Billy Theodorakis said, “We have to address the problem as a whole. You can’t treat one person different than you’re going to treat this other person, no matter what neighborhood it is.”

Theodorakis said the ordinance was not intended to “punish” any one person but stressed neighborhoods are not “commercial zones.” After the ordinance passed Theodorakis made a motion to delay enforcement of the ordinance for 30 days to allow truck drivers the opportunity to work out other arrangements. The motion was also adopted.



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