No More Exotic Animals at Louisiana’s Famous Tiger Truck Stop

Grosse Tete, LA – A popular Louisiana truck stop — which made national headlines last year after a Florida woman bit the resident camel’s testicles — is ditching its exotic animals after changing ownership in June.

Tiger Truck Stop off of Interstate 10 in Grosse Tete has been a popular tourist attraction and a well known rest area for truckers for decades.


It used unique animals — including a tiger, camel, miniature horse, baby kangaroo and a coati (raccoon-like mammal) — to draw in tourists and entertain truckers who stop at Tiger.

However, it will soon be changing in a major way following the sale of the stop last month.

“In life, everything has to change one day or another and it’s time for it to change a little bit,” new co-owner James Jarreau said in an interview with WBRZ.

Just how much about Tiger will change?


The new owners say everything… except the name.

And it all starts with getting rid of the animals.

“Listen, the amount of advertising he (the previous owner, Michael Sandlin) got from the tiger and the camel was endless. It was amazing, what he did. It was amazing the advertising he got. It’s just not the route we take,” Jarreau stated.

The stop’s most famous tiger, Tony, passed away in 2017 after calling the truck stop home for 17 years.

Tony was replaced in 2018 by a baby camel named Caspar.


Caspar was catapulted to superstardom in September 2019 after husband and wife truckers, Edmond and Gloria Lancaster, of Milton, FL, were cited for numerous offenses after the woman bit his testicles while inside his cage at the truck stop.


Read more about the bizarre incident HERE.

Click HERE to find out why Gloria says she would bite Casper’s testicles all over again.

Sandlin made the decision to retire in June and sold the truck stop to Jarreau and his business partners, Johnny and Dana Ewing.

The new owners decided “right away” to nix the exotic animal draw and promptly sent Caspar to a zoo in Alexandria.

The animal pins and cages have also been removed from the property.


According to Jarreau, he and the Ewing’s plan to attract customers the old fashioned way: with “hard work and service.”

“Hopefully we’ll win you over with our service, not animals,” he stated.

In the coming months, the new owners will break ground on the brand new Tiger Truck Stop.

The eventual goal is to tear down the existing building and pave over where the animal cages once sat.



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