NO PARKING: Angry Charlotte Residents Demand Action To Keep Big Rigs Off City Streets

Charlotte, North Carolina, city leaders say residents are growing increasingly frustrated with big rigs parking in residential areas and “signs” and “fines” are not enough of a “deterrent.”

Charlotte, North Carolina – Stop us if you’ve heard this before, but the effects of the parking shortage for truck drivers is roiling yet another city. Residents in some Charlotte, North Carolina, residential areas say they are fed up with big rigs parking in their neighborhoods.

A new report by WBTV 3 News in Charlotte highlighted what was described as a growing problem of tractor-trailers parking along city neighborhood streets. “We get complaints from neighbors all the time about big tractor trailers parked on the side of the road, in residential areas so that’s what we’re trying to get a handle on,” Charlotte City Council member Greg Phipps told the local news outlet.

City leaders say they were willing to tolerate truckers parking along on and off ramps for 24 hours or so, but after city leaders decided to place no parking signs on numerous ramps throughout the city, the parking problem began spilling over into neighborhoods. Now trucks are parking in residential areas and residents are growing increasingly impatient.


Take for example, Bonnie Gable who lives near the intersection of Mallard Creek Road and Galloway. She told WBTV 3, “It’s getting worse… the noise and just having the trucks there all the time because they are often sitting there with their engines running the whole time that they’re sitting there.”

In case you are wondering, Charlotte does have an ordinance that prohibits parking tractor trailers in residential areas, but as more people have become angered by seeing trucks parked on their local streets, city leaders are hastily trying to come up with a solution.

“We thought we could tackle it using signs and fines approach but with the fines being only 25 bucks – I mean it’s nothing. It’s not really a deterrent, so it’s not as simple as that,” Phipps said. “It’s a bigger problem, a systemic problem so we’re going to take a more concerted effort to alleviate that problem working with NC DOT and Centralina Council of Governments to come up with creative ways to help with truck parking situation of tractor trailers.”

Some Charlotte, North Carolina, residents are demanding action from city leaders to do more to keep truckers from parking along city and residential streets.

Gable said she sympathizes with truckers, but only so much. “I understand the trucks have rules and regulations and they have to pull off the road at a certain point. I don’t know if there’s a better place for them to pull but it’s a bit frustrating and I don’t know if it’s causing any traffic issues or not,” she said to WBTV 3. “For me personally it’s more of a nuisance but I think it could become a safety issue as well.”

Until local, state, and federal leaders, along with trucking industry stakeholders, begin to take some common sense steps to adequately address this problem, expect it to continue to worsen in cities around the U.S.

To watch WBTV’s full video report click HERE.

Images courtesy of WBTV 3 News.


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