NO TRUCKS ZONE: Florida Town Cracking Down On Truckers

Hillsborough County, Florida – Add the town of Riverview, Florida, to the list of places ramping up efforts to crack down on truckers officials say are not obeying local laws.

According to a report from, Hillsborough County deputies are stepping up their efforts to enforce “no truck zones” in the Riverview area near and around U.S. 31. Officials conducted an enforcement blitz in this area from November 26 thru December 6.

A spokesperson said authorities made 66 stops for trucks along the stretch of road, “Of those stops, we found eleven were related to trucks over two axles. About half of the drivers, five were given citations. The other six drivers were given a written warning.”

Florida’s statute states a truck driver can only drive in a no-thru zone if they are traveling to or from a location inside the zone.


Area Homeowners Say They Are Becoming Increasingly Upset By “Loud Trucks”

Increased enforcement efforts are thanks in part to an escalation in the number of complaints from residents about trucks not obeying the marked signs along Falkenburg Road at US 301. According to officials, homeowners have been complaining about the trucks as a nuisance and a safety hazard.

Resident Jim Wilson was one of those who issued complaints about “loud trucks.” He told the local news outlet, “You see all kinds of trucks and big rigs… dump trucks, and they speed by.”

Wilson says he wants truckers to “obey the signs.” He says he has tried approaching drivers to let them know they should be following the rules, but says truckers haven’t been very “polite” about it. “You don’t get a good response,” he said.


Wilson also didn’t mince words about his feelings on the effects truckers are having on residential streets. “It looks like it’s been carpet-bombed,” he said. “It’s all worn out.”

A Hillsborough County spokesperson confirmed that city officials are currently reviewing the size and placement of the “no truck zone” signs in order to provide more visible and prominent warnings for truck drivers.

For more, watch the two most recent ABC Action News reports on the issue below. The first aired a few days ago and the second aired back in October of this year.

Videos shared courtesy of ABC Action News/YouTube.




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