Residents Of Chicago Suburb Are Furious At Truckers And Local Trucking Company

River Grove, Illinois – Residents of small Chicago suburb, River Grove, are furious over truck drivers’ failure to abide by “no truck” zones, along with the increase in big rig traffic they say a new shipping center has brought to their community.

In a recent report by CBS2 Chicago, residents of the approximately 10,000-person village say they are fed up with truckers disregarding clearly marked “no truck” zones.

It’s become so intolerable for 26-year River Grove homeowner, Jim Fatigato, that he has put his home up for sale.

He lives on a “no truck” zone street, but says truckers blow through day and night.


“They will try to do it every day and get away with it as much as they can,” Fatigato told CBS2. “Me and my wife can’t do it anymore. It’s impossible to live here.”

Toni Reynolds also lives on a “no truck” zone street.

She said not only are the trucks driving through too fast, but they are also tearing up the street.

“The truck traffic is so bad, the roads are so torn up,” she told the local news outlet.

Making matters worse Fatigato and Reynolds say, is the increase in heavy truck traffic due to the 225,000-square-foot Go 2 Logistics warehouse and shipping facility.

According to a report in the Chicago Tribune, the process of moving Go 2 Logistics’ operations from nearby Northlake to River Grove began in 2015.

Courtesy of Go 2 Logistics

According to its company website, Go 2 Logistics operates 220 over the road tractors and 55 local trucks. The River Grove shipping center has more than 70 docks and employs approximately 230 people.

Residents say that despite assurances from the company’s management prior to the move that “most truck traffic will occur before 7 p.m.,” the facility accommodates trucks coming in and out virtually 24 hours each day.


This area is zoned for commercial use and residents tell CBS2 that truck traffic has always been an issue, but never as bad as it has become since Go 2 Logistics moved into their community.

According to the report, more than 150 “no truck” zone violations have been recorded by police since early 2018, but residents want more done to solve this issue.

River Grove leaders say they have put up additional signage to help combat the issue.

WATCH CBS2’s report below.





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