Northern Border Officials Seize 2,250 lbs. of Marijuana Hidden in Big Rig

Buffalo, NY – U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) at the Port of Buffalo seized over 2,550 lbs. of marijuana from a big rig last week.

According to CBP, the multi-million dollar drug bust took place on October 20, at the Peace Bridge as a truck was attempting to cross into the United States from Canada.


Officers assigned to the bridge referred a semi listed as transporting “bathroom vanities” for a non-intrusive examination.

The secondary inspection revealed “anomalies” in the trailer and was therefore sent to the commercial vehicle inspection area.

At that time, CBP officers performed a physical inspection of the shipment, which revealed vacuum-sealed marijuana packages hidden within the pallet shipment boxes.

In total, 2,303 packages of marijuana were retrieved from the trailer.


The shipment of drugs was estimated at $5 million.

CBP did not reveal any information regarding the truck or driver.

The case is currently under investigation by Homeland Security Investigations.


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