Not A Good ‘Apple Crisp’ Recipe

Moxee, Washington – A truck driver says he overcorrected along State Route 24 in Washington on Monday sending his rig and the load of apples he was hauling flying.

Courtesy of Yakima Herald

State Route 24 was closed for the better part of Monday afternoon as crews and firefighters were called to the scene of the big rig crash. When they arrived they found apples, Fuji apples to be exact, strewn across the roadway. The flatbed was loaded with bins of Fuji apples and dumped 20 bins full of apples in the wreck.

The driver was on his way to Yakima, Washington, when he overcorrected causing the truck to go into a ditch on the westbound side of the highway. A spark from the trailer ignited grass on the eastbound side, troopers said. Authorities said many apples were burned to a crisp after the truck overturned.

The driver was thankfully not injured in the crash.

Featured image shared courtesy of the Yakima Herald.



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