NYPD Carries Out “Utterly Disgusting” Crackdown on Illegally Parked Big Rigs

Brooklyn, NY – The New York Police Department (NYPD) carried out an early morning enforcement operation on illegally parked tractor-trailers on Monday and it is creating quite a furor on social media.

According to multiple reports, officers from the 66th Precinct and the NYPD Traffic Enforcement Division received reports that commercial big rigs were parking on Bay Parkway in Brooklyn.

NYPD officers then conducted an early morning crackdown waking up the sleeping truckers and having their semi-trucks towed to an impound lot.


NYPD Deputy Inspector James King, the commanding officer of the 66th Precinct, then took to social media to tweet about the operation.

In the since-deleted tweet, King writes, “Our traffic safety officer was out on Bay Pky towing these illegally parked trailers. Please remember commercial vehicles can’t be parked on residential blocks.”

Retired NYPD officer, David Chianese, took a screen shot of the tweet and wrote about the incident on his blog, Advocacy for Leos.

In a scathing piece, Chianese called the enforcement crackdown “Operation Cluster F—.”


Chianese offered his thoughts on such an enforcement on truckers during a time of national emergency.

“Parked along a deserted mixed-use street in the wee hours of the morning lay truckers,” he wrote. “Over the road truckers who have been working nonstop the last few weeks in a desperate attempt to win shelf space in stores to prevent the American people from going without. Truckers sleeping in their rigs to catch a few moments of rest before pulling out to take loaded trailers to their next destination. Trailers full of water, diapers, baby formula, and the ever-elusive toilet paper. Trailers that will now go undelivered and further set back the fight to keep good flowing to stores so that the citizens of the United States have what they need.”

Blue Lives Matters has since reported that a source within the NYPD called the entire operation “utterly disgusting.”


“Why would he [King] send officers to mess with these truckers who need to deliver supplies, effectively exposing all of the officers and the truckers to each other for no reason? It’s just inexcusable,” Blue Lives Matters quoted the NYPD source as saying.

The media outlet also reported most of the truckers were from out of state delivering supplies into the city.


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This is not the first incident of NYPD officers cracking down on truckers and commercial motor vehicles since the COVID-19 national emergency began.

In a Transportation Nation Network (TNN) exclusive report last weekend, we revealed NYPD officers are continuing to ticket CMVs for the smallest of parking and traffic infractions within the city.


Long-time transportation attorney based in Queens, Arthur Miller, gave TNN the details about what is happening within the city during this time of emergency.

“We are hearing that some of the major delivery companies are getting tickets. If I see one, to me that is reprehensible enough. The whole thing just smells,” Miller stated.

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Photo courtesy of David Chianese/Advocacy for Leos



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