NYSDOT Release Videos of “Echelon Plowing” to Remind Drivers “Don’t Crowd the Plow”

Long Island, NY –  The New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) is using a newly released video of “echelon plowing” to remind drivers to keep a safe distance from snow plows.

As winter weather continues to cause headaches for drivers across much of the northeast, state DOTs are having to deploy thousands of trucks to continuously plow roadways.


NYSDOT gave motorists a look at a “massive echelon plowing effort” on Long Island over the weekend.

“Echelon plowing is when the trucks line up across all lanes to clear one direction of the road in one pass,” an NYSDOT social media post stated. “You should ALWAYS keep at least 4 car lengths from the plows. It’s safer for everyone.”

Another round of winter weather which dropped more than a foot of snow in some parts of NYS over the weekend prompted Governor Andrew Cuomo to order the deployment of 1,603 large plow trucks, 176 medium duty plows, 11 pickups with plows, 52 tow plows, 315 large loaders, and 40 snow blowers.


The Thruway Authority said it had 694 operators and supervisors ready to respond with 248 large snowplows, 104 medium snowplows, 11 tow plows and 60 loaders across the state with more than 109,000 tons of road salt on hand.

NYSDOT said echelon plowing is the “safest and most efficient” way to clear snow from multi-lane roads.

Officials also had a clear message for all drivers.

“Please be patient, stay at a safe distance, and #DontCrowdThePlow,” NYSDOT urged.



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