Official Says Semi Drivers Are “Lucky” After Horrific Crash

Lake County, Illinois – It could have been much, much worse officials said after two semis collided on Thursday along Interstate 94 in Newport Township.

The two-semi crash happened at approximately 9:15 a.m. just before the I-94 merges with Route 41, according to Fire Chief Mark Kirschhoffer of the Newport Township Fire District.

Investigators said the crash happened in the northbound lanes, but are still trying to determine what led to the accident. An initial report in the Chicago Tribune indicated one of the trucks might have been disabled or stopped in the roadway or on the shoulder at the time of the crash. However, officials have yet to confirm the cause of the crash.


The two truck drivers were both reportedly uninjured and did not seek medical treatment following the accident. Chief Kirschhoffer said the drivers were “lucky.”

He commented, “It was amazing. There was a lot of damage but we got a good outcome.”

Police are still investigating.

(featured image courtesy of Newport Township Fire District)

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