Omnitracs and PrePass Promise New Deal Will ‘Save Motor Carriers Time, Fuel and Money’

Phoenix, AZ – Omnitracs and the PrePass Safety Alliance (PPSA) announced on Tuesday the companies have entered into a partnership that will allow fleets to bypass weigh stations via Omnitracs technology.

According to a press release, PrePass — the only weigh station bypass service based in the United States — will be available to Omnitracs customers on the Omnitracs One platform.


In a joint release, the companies stated the partnership will improve driver satisfaction with fewer inspection stops for truckers, thus “exceeding customer expectation with faster load delivery.”

At the same time, the partnership will reduce bottom-line costs associated with idling time and fuel usage, the companies said.

“We’re thrilled to provide PrePass on the Omnitracs One platform,” commented Mark Doughty, President and CEO of PPSA. “We know that integrating PrePass with Omnitracs One will save motor carriers even more time, fuel, and money.”

Data from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) indicate preliminary weigh station inspections cost a fleet five minutes of drive time and 0.4 gallons of fuel per truck.


Secondary inspections in turn can cost 30 minutes of drive time and raise the risk of potential violations and out-of-service notifications.

However, PPSA claims trucks utilizing PrePass services bypass open, working weigh stations on average of 12.3 times per month.

The bypass saves a typical 100-truck fleet more than $128,000 a year, PPSA estimates.

How It Works

Through the PrePass application, drivers are notified of upcoming weigh stations when crossing a “geofence threshold” two miles out.

At that time, PrePass verifies the carrier credentials, safety scores and vehicle weights (where available) to determine if the truck is eligible to bypass the scale.


The driver will then receive a notification on Omnitracs One to either bypass or pull into the weigh station ahead.

Headquartered in Dallas, TX, Omnitracs said it has 15,000 customers worldwide who collectively travel 700 million miles per week.

PrePass boasts its services to more than 650,000 trucks in 77,000 fleets.

Photos courtesy PrePass

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