Omnitracs CEO Advises Truckers to “Return to Electronic Logs”

Dallas, TX – Many truck drivers and carriers are returning to business as usual after a nearly 5-day electronic logging devices (ELD) service disruption forced thousands of truckers to revert to paper logs to their track hours of service (HOS).

In a newly issued statement, Omnitracs CEO Ray Greer reports “99.9% of all active MCP devices are now transmitting messages and logs containing required compliance information.”

As a result, Greer says, “Omnitracs recommends all drivers return to electronic logs, as many impacted fleets already have.”


Further, Greer also says Omnitracs continues to be in “regular communication” with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and intends to continue to provide updates.

Thousands of Omnitracs ELD units crashed last Saturday night during what a company representative described to Transportation Nation Network (TNN) as a “GPS rollover event.”

Omnitracs routinely updates its GPS systems without issue, the representative said.

The failure “forced the units to stop responding,” TNN was told.

The units most affected were the MCP110, 200 and some 50 models.

Greer has been actively updating affected truckers and carriers throughout the week promising that engineers were “working around the clock” to address the massive outage.

A spokesman from the FMCSA told TNN earlier this week that agency officials were “aware and monitoring the situation.”

In one of Greer’s statements this week, he pledged Omnitracs’ cooperation with the FMCSA and support to those affected.

“In the event an extension of the ‘8-day paper log’ limitation is required for any MCP devices, Omnitracs will take responsibility on your behalf in gaining an extension from the FMCSA and will provide required documentation to you on Friday,” he wrote.


In his latest statement, Greer said he expects to restore complete functionality to all devices “over the next couple of days.”

Outage Fuels More Frustration Among Critics of ELD Mandate

While this outage seems to be coming to an end, it has served to further fuel frustration and anger among many who were forced to install ELDs and comply with the mandate.


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Critics of the government mandate continue to call on Congress to repeal it and for the FMCSA to suspend the rule.

Earlier this year, a bill was introduced into the U.S. House of Representatives (H.R. 1697) to exempt carriers with 10 employees or fewer from the mandate.


According to sources TNN has spoken with, there seems to be very little interest in moving that legislation forward.

Further, the FMCSA has repeatedly indicated it has no intention of intervening and exercising its emergency powers to suspend the rule.

TNN will continue to monitor new developments on this story so stay logged on to for more.

Photo courtesy of Omnitracs



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