Omnitracs CEO “Encouraged” by Progress but Cautions “Fix” is Only “Temporary”

Dallas, TX – In a series of new updates, Omnitracs CEO Ray Greer says he is “encouraged” by the progress being made to restore functionality to thousands of electronic logging devices (ELD).

Omnitracs continues to “work around the clock” to restore functionality to thousands of ELD units that crashed during a “GPS event” last Saturday evening, Greer said again on Tuesday.

In a new statement, Greer reports that 85% of impacted ELD units were once again displaying date and time data after the company deployed a “temporary” fix on Monday evening.


“Our teams have been pushing a new configuration file to all MCP 200, MCP 110, and MCP 50 devices and subsequently triggering a reset so the changes can take effect,” he wrote late Monday evening.

“While the new configuration file and device reset enable time data to work properly and messages to flow, it is only an interim fix. This temporary fix does not resolve all GPS location data issues.”

Even though Omnitracs engineers have restored date and time data to the majority of impacted units, Greer acknowledged, “We are seeing a small number of MCP 200 and MCP 110 devices (not MCP 50) that are not able to communicate to or from the host.”

He cautioned that “connectivity issues” also still exist with back-office applications such as QTRACS and Omnitracs Hours of Service due to a firmware failure.

As a result, Greer advised, “drivers will need to manually capture odometer readings as they cross state borders for IFTA reporting, should actively check the accuracy of their Record of Duty Statuses on their devices, and maintain paper logs as a backup.”


The company plans to “push an additional over-the-air configuration update” on Tuesday night, which will not require a device reset.

While Greer did not provide a timeline for when he expects the HOS functionality to fully return, he did say, “We are testing the ability for drivers to return to electronic logs independent of a firmware resolution.”

Greer also says Omnitracs will help drivers with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) should it be needed.

“In the event an extension of the ‘8-day paper log’ limitation is required for any MCP devices, Omnitracs will take responsibility on your behalf in gaining an extension from the FMCSA and will provide required documentation to you on Friday,” he wrote.

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Photo courtesy of Omnitracs



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