On-Highway Diesel Price Continues Record-Setting Spike, Now at $5.25 Per Gallon

Washington, D.C. — The national average price for on-highway diesel continues to set records as it spiked again last week.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Information Administration (EIA), the average cost of on-highway diesel rose another 40 cents per gallon last week to an historic high of $5.250.


It marks the most expensive average price in U.S. history as diesel is now up $2.059 from this time a year ago.

The average price of on-highway diesel has increased ten weeks in a row and even jumped an astounding 74.5 cents per gallon the week before.

Courtesy of EIA

Costs are the highest in California as the per gallon price jumped more than 50 cents per gallon last week to a whopping $6.264.

The lowest average cost can be found in the Rocky Mountain region where the price is $4.966 per gallon.


It is the only region where the average price is not above at least $5 per gallon.

Meanwhile, at a briefing today, White House Press secretary Jen Psaki said Americans should prepare for costs to rise even higher in the days ahead.

“I don’t have a prediction from here in terms of what it could look like,” she said. “In terms of how far, we still believe it will continue to go up, but we are trying to take steps we can take to mitigate that.”


Last week, the American Trucking Associations (ATA) issued a warning to the White House that if the Biden Administration’s energy policy did not quickly aid in boosting domestic oil production, trucking capacity could soon be decimated.

Click HERE to read more about ATA’s warning.


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