One Person Dead, Dozens More Injured in Rash of Whiteout Pileups in Wisconsin

Washington County, WI – One person has been confirmed dead and dozens more suffered injuries in a rash of pileup crashes along a stretch of Interstate 41 on Wednesday.

Heavy snowfall and freezing conditions wreaked havoc on motorists and truckers yesterday along I-41.


Wisconsin authorities reported blizzard conditions contributed to multiple crash scenes involving at least 80 vehicles including big rigs.

According to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office (WCSO), 9-1-1 calls began at approximately 11:13 a.m. about a multi-vehicle crash involving both passenger and commercial motor vehicles near County Highway D in the Town of Wayne.

No major injuries were reported, but substantial traffic delays ensued as several tractor-trailers needed to be removed from the traffic lanes as a stretch of I-41 southbound was closed for a time.

Within minutes WCSO said it began receiving additional reports of pileups along I-41 “from Arthur Road to Cedar Creek Road in the Town of Polk.”


The largest of these crashes included a total of 48 vehicles.

Six people were transported from the scene to nearby hospitals and treated for various degrees of injuries.

Another 26 people were evaluated and treated at the scene, WCSO said.

However, the most deadly of the crashes unfolded at approximately 11:30 a.m. along I-41 near Slinger.

According to Wisconsin State Patrol (WSP) the crash occurred in the northbound lanes near Arthur Road and involved approximately 30 vehicles.

A 37-year-old female from Trenton, TN, died in the pileup, WSP said in a release.

Six others were transported to a local hospital.


I-41 was closed for approximately nine hours in both directions as authorities and crews investigated, managed, and cleared the scene.

Horrifying dash cam video of one of the pileups was shared with local outlet FOX 6 by Tesla driver Bill Van Aacken.

“The visibility just wasn’t there and I was behind that semi,” Van Aacken described. “So all of a sudden, you could kind of make out the other cars in the ditch.”

“We live in Wisconsin. Granted, it’s a late snow in late spring, but we should still know how to drive, you think,” Van Aacken told FOX 6.

The crashes occurred between WIS 28 and WIS 60 and remain under investigation by the WSP and WCSO.


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